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Monday, October 24, 2011

Andy & Stephanie : Engagement

Andy and Stephanie were amazing to work with for their engagement session! First of all, they came from Ohio for the one weekend that we had a small availability for their session, and second, it was that wonderful SUPER windy saturday that we had hoped to get them in! Being that the high winds would have caused the session to end poorly, we decided to reschedule. So, with a lot of hasty last minute changes on both our schedules, we decided to try for the rainy forecast of the Sunday morning following the high winds.... It didn't look promising when that time came around, and yet the sun decided to show, and the lighting was GORGEOUS! Stephanie and Andy met at Calvin College here in Grand Rapids, and it was great talking with them, because David and Andy had their jobs in common, and Stephanie works in Social work, which fascinates me in how helpful that position can be. Without further blabbering.... Enjoy Andy and Stephanie. Congrats on your engagement! We can't wait for June to see you united in marriage!!!

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