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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tim & Billie : Wedding

Sorry for the delay in this post... I've been so excited to share it, and it's about the 2nd wedding this year where I fell behind on my own decided schedule :) God has been great, in helping me keep organized during the photography wedding season, while being pregnant and watching my boys.... The list could continue, but this is about Tim and Billie!!!! I've known Tim for quite some time since we grew up in the same church when we were younger, and I'm so excited for him that this amazing girl came into his life and really completes him. Billie is, for one, drop dead GORGEOUS, and fun, spontaneous, outgoing and kind. She was the only one of the whole wedding party not worrying about the details, and just going with the day however it may unfold.... Here are some teasers of their romance session during the day, along with a few from the photojournalist side of the wedding day. Enjoy!

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