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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Samuel : Miracle

Ok, so for anyone whose a photographer out there, this was a dream photoshoot.... I couldn't possibly sort out down to the number of images I like to promise my clients because this little guy was PERFECT! I always warn mom and dad's that he's gonna fuss, cry, stay awake longer then they know is possible for a 7 day old infant, and we may need a second date to reschedule.... Through the whole session, Samuel NEVER woke up... he came asleep, and left sleeping, and I could do everything I wanted with his poses, and props.... I had a tough time choosing only 5 to blog, but these stuck out as posible portfolio options, and so I had to show them off! Sam is the first son of Luke and Stephanie, (Stephanie) who I graduated from Holland Christian with. It is so cool to see all my classmates, 10 years after graduation all successful in their careers, love, and families. Enjoy the teasers of this beautiful little boy!

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