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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pratt : Family Love

Here's a family I've seen a few times.... almost every summer weekend since the beginning of time.  This is my Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  
My 'little' cousin Hannah is my most trusted 'nanny' for my wild children... She has a way of keeping them under control... I need to take tips from her!  So when I'm shooting a wedding, my kids are enjoying cousin Hannah!  
This whole family has attending Hope College, and my cousin Cameron is still there.  So naturally, we had to do their family photos at Hope.  AND.... they were married at the church behind them, maybe a hundred years ago or so... :)  LOL!  Kidding!  

My aunt gives the best tips for teaching children, and since she's been a successful teacher at the 2nd grade level, I know I can trust her expertise.... My uncle was a Lifetouch photographer for about 9 years while I was growing up, and he took my school picture when I was a fifth grader!  I guess the tables have turned and 20 years later I'm photographing them!  LOL!  Cameron is a dramatic character and amazing actor.  I'm sure if he keeps it up, he'd end up on Broadway ;)  
Enjoy a few teasers of this wildly animated family :) 

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