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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wacky Williams : Rooted

My inspiration for Wacky Williams comes from little tidbits and pieces from anything I see or hear.... 

Recently, our pastor talked about how our weekly diet of church just won't be enough for our faith to grow... we need to invest daily into being ROOTED IN THE BIBLE.  This image popped into my head, so we shot it that afternoon.   I think I'll get this framed in my house to remember to always invest in some Bible time every day... it really DOES make a difference!  It's the manual to the human life... The glimpses of Hope God gives us when things feel heavy.... The double-edge sword that keeps us in line.... The comfort that God is a loving a Good good father... The reminder that when things are discouraging or rough, that there is another player in the spiritual warfare (Satan) who can be blamed...   Check it out sometime.... daily!!!  :)   Enjoy!