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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Jager Bunch

Meet the Jager bunch!  Here's a fun group that, similar to the Brady Bunch, will be joining families this May.  I gotta say, this family impresses me more and more as I get to know them.  For years, I've 'known' them as the 'volunteers' at church who watch my kid's class... then I became a volunteer, and as I spent 2-3 years as a children's leader, I got burnt out, and they kept serving.... THEN, I go to serve dinner to a sister church that our church is planting in a poverty stricken area, and they are there serving, and have been for YEARS! 
 Just wait... It gets better... They will have 7 kids between them after they wed.... BUT, there's more their house can hold!  They have invited grandma to stay with them too.... (still building....) AND.... This father is also a volunteer fire and rescue worker, who, during one of our our 3 degree Michigan winter days, went swimming in a frozen pond, in order to train for rescuing victims that have fallen through the ICE!!!  

Ok, is it just me, or can the rest of you see that these folks have a heart bigger then the majority of the rest of us?!?!  
I seriously have to re-evaluate how I spend my time, for the greater good of God's kingdom.... I don't care what you say, I'll never be able to top that.   Enjoy the JAGER BUNCH teasers!

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