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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pippa : Miracle

What a little peanut!  Pippa (nicknamed Pippsqueak) was such a little lady!  Just like our family, she is the only sis among 2 older brothers, both which I was privileged to photograph as infants!  I've found some photos from archive of the older brothers infant photos a few years back.... I'd say Pippa looks a lot like Wylen (maybe it's just the hair!)  I was amazed at Pippa and her session... I've never done an infant session in as short a time as I did hers!  She was amazed!  She slept the whole time!  Enjoy her teasers!  It was wonderful to see this family again and see their beautiful babies growing up!

Oliver 2011 as an Infant:

 Wylen 2013 as an Infant

Pippa 7 days old :)

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