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Monday, February 8, 2016

Maddie : 12 months

This little girls EYES!!!!  Wowzers!  I can't get over her!  Those eye lashes!!!  Her parents are in for some serious trouble, cause she's going to bat those lashes and get her way every time!  Oh, sweet little Maddie.   Maddie, and her brother Logan were super models for me at her session.  Logan is the perfect, patient, sweet gentleman-brother, and Maddie is the independent princess.  I had to laugh, because each time Maddie would push away from Logan, he'd roll his eyes, but keep his cool.... My kids would have let out a fit of frustration!  What a little gentleman he's becoming.  How wonderful for these two to have each other... besides, they are a rare find!  Both kiddos have blue eyes, and their parents are both dark brown eyed folks! So crazy.  Well, enjoy a few teasers of Maddie's 1 year session.  

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