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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wacky Williams : Guitar Hero

Every now and then, I get in a creative Crunch, and no ideas come.  So, my husband suggested I try to buy some Photoshop actions to re-kindle my love for photo art.  I had found these actions on Pinterest, but of course they had a cost, so I didn't buy them.... (I'm Dutch, so that explains that.)  After looking at how much it would cost for about 11 actions, my husband said it was quite worth it to have something fun to inspire me.  So, a photoshoot with his guitar and $60 of actions later, and here was a re-kindled love for photo art.  David has been itching to make this his Facebook profile so he told me to shift the Wacky Williams post for this week back so I could show this.... Now he can use it :)   Enjoy!  

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