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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wacky Williams : Tender Heart

I love these two and their relationship.  They are perfect opposites.  Lex is sweet and thoughtful and kind.  He wants good for everyone.  He adores his family, and is grateful for even the little things.  Cadence,.... well, polar opposites...  But I believe that Lex is making Cadence a better person with his unconditional love and kindness... and patience.   He didn't want to 'kiss her on camera' but he bashfully held the mistletoe for the shot.  To my Lexo.... You have a wonderful heart!  Don't ever forget that.  Even when it's not a popular attribute, you are a tender heart and someday, a wonderful girl will capture your love.  I know you will treat anyone you meet with the kindness of Jesus, since he's captured your heart at such a young age.

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