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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Brummitt Family

This great looking family is part of my extended family.... like, my grandpa's sister's daughter's kids.... that kinda thing. :)  This is a family I haven't seen in years!  When I was much younger, I can remember a camping adventure with the Brummitts, with many hilarious memories... things I have to worry about telling my kids, 'You should NEVER do'.... like driving around the campground in Grandpa's car... (I think we were around 12 years old) and a water fight, in the dark, tripping over picnic tables and running into trees....  oh yeah, and putting a snickers bar at the bottom of the pool because the owner was rudely paranoid about babies making a mess in his pool.  Yeah... We were once young :)  Well, that's probably enough info to convict me, so I'll end there. LOL!  Enjoy a few teasers of the Brummitt family! 

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