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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wacky Williams : Paint Wars

This summer I had this fun idea, of a family paint war.... and knowing that I couldn't participate AND photograph, I had to trust another photography to take them!  Luckily, I found an awesome photographer from Ohio who drove up to do the session.... LOL!  Just kidding!  Becca Byrd, of Little Byrd Photography was vacationing in Michigan with her family in July and agreed to stop by to photograph the idea.  We met them on Instagram about 2 years ago, and actually decided to meet.... Each of us a little skeptical about arranging a meeting with a random stranger on Instagram, our families became INSTA-Friends!  ha ha... I'm so funny.  Our family has come to Love the Byrd's and have both stopped by to see each other if we are ever traveling through the other's state.   Thank you to Micah and Becca for photographing this paint war!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!  

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