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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dutch Life : First Tulip

Tulip Time : Day 2

Yesterday was a busy first day for Tulip Time.  Downtown Holland was crowded with the Art and Craft fair, and traffic was at a standstill so pedestrians could cross.  Wow.... I'm certainly not a fan of the traffic, but it's great to get to share the beauty here with so many people from all different ethnic backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles! 

The city has called in police reinforcements for the week from all over West Michigan.  Big mother coaches have rolled into town, and kids and adults stroll the sidewalks in their Dutch Costumes wooden shoes.  

Fun Fact  : Wooden Shoes are made from Poplar wood and are typically worn with 5-10 pairs of socks.  I've worn a pair every spring since I was about 6 months old.  I find them comfortable, however, most people trying them for the first time feel immobilized by them.  They don't bend with your foot, so you learn a slightly different technique of walking.  Hundreds of the city's youth dance a choreographed dance in them, to a traditional dutch dance music.  

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