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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dutch Life : Street Scrubbing

Tulip Time : Day 5

Yes, you read that correctly. Street Scrubbing.

Fun Fact :  The Dutch would scrub their streets clean before a festival or important visitor.  Taking brooms, buckets and yokes to carry the buckets around, they would clean their streets.  On the Wednesday of Tulip time, we scrub the parade streets.  It usually ends up being a huge water fight, but it's fun to see all the families coming out to clean the streets of Holland to be ready for the parades.  

Today is the Volksparade (People's Parade).  
School bands come and play, sponsors, and government officials ride on floats or special cars in the parades.  
My family has participated in Tulip Time almost since Holland started celebrating the flower festival in 1929.   My Great Grandma, Grandma, and Mom have worked for, and participated in the Tulip Time festival planning and organization... Many of my family are in the parades... walking or driving special people through in my grandpa's fancy old cars.  Schools have a 1/2 day so the children may attend the festivities. 

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