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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tulip Time : Suiting up for Tulip Time

Hey guys!  Follow me through the days of Tulip Time, May 6-14, for an image of Dutch Life through my creativity, and with my Dutch Trio of trouble.

Tulip Time : Day 1

Tulip time is a beautiful Flower Festival, where 6 miles of the streets are lined with Tulips, millions of tulips are blooming in fields, and our small town swells with tourists.  The wooden shoes and dutch costumes come out, and a Carnival, and cotton candy vendors set up booths all around the city's attractions.  Our small settlement came in the mid 1800's, and made a home amongst the thick wooded areas.  They survived our brutal winters, and enjoyed our vast wealth of fresh water lakes.  It established churches and eventually Hope College, a school to teach the faith, and further our cities young people's academics for God's purpose.  

Since 1929, we've celebrated our Dutch heritage the first full week of May, Rain or Shine.  The kids get school days off, and parades own the streets.  Come to Holland to see the beauty God's given to us!  

This first image : "Suiting up for Tulip Time!"

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