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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dutch Life : Tulip fields

Tulip Time : Day 4

The Tulip gardens all over Holland look MAGNIFICENT!  

Fun Fact : With almost 5 Million Tulips/bulbs planted, the city is smelling fresh and looking bright and colorful!  Tulips handle the cold fairly well, but high winds and hot days bring a Tulip to a quick end.  There are 120 varieties of tulip, and the city has many people participate in the planting in October.  Tulips are planted to bloom over the course of about 40 days.  Early, mid and late bloomers, so Tulip Time can almost always be guaranteed a great show of colorful tulips. 

This background was photographed at Windmill Island, in front of their Tulip Gardens.  The Island will be home to a handful of beautiful Dutch Fresian horses during the warm months.  Although my horse Doc here is no Dutch animal, he's well loved as an old friend. 

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