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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wacky Williams : De Zwaan Windmill

It's Tulip Time in Good ole Holland, Michigan!  One of the largest flower festivals in the USA.  We all celebrate the founding Dutch heritage with parades, Dutch Dancing, tours through miles of tulips, and of course cotton candy and elephant ears.... the true dutch foods :)  LOL!  Just kidding.  All the kid's schools shut down for parts of the week and participate.  Tens of thousands of tourists flood our streets, with cameras, and big coach buses.  One of the beautiful sights to see is the De Zwaan (the Swan) Windmill.  It is (mostly) authentic, and shipped over from the Netherlands piece by piece.  It occasionally will turn to grind wheat to flour which is sold at the little dutch village down the way.  My kids and I have dutch costumes and wooden shoes to wear that week while checking out the festivities.  It's quite the week, and we are often glad when our town shrinks back down and we can actually have a chance of finding parking downtown.  :)  Enjoy my Kite-flying Dutch Girl at the Windmill Island gardens in Holland, Michigan.

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